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Designer: Norbert Wangen


The k14 maintains the continuity of the Norbert Wangen collection: it retains the K11 kitchen's modular units whilst introducing new materials for the worktops and the doors.
The result is a product that has a more rigorous aesthetic: the finish on the doors wraps around the side panels, creating a design that appears more compact.
Bearing structure: carcass in melamine coated graphite grey oak with front trim in aluminium.
Plinths in stainless steel coated aluminium.
Doors in finishes: wood veneer, lacquered, Mat plus, stainless steel, white Corian®. Worktops in stone, stainless steel or Corian®. It is possible to use flush-mounted CRS hobs and sinks on worktops in stone and Corian®; welded hobs and sinks on stainless steel tops.

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